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Transport Department

Freedom Square 10 buildingVabaduse väljak 10
10146 Tallinn

Phone: (372) 640 4618
Fax: (372) 640 4617
Head – Andres Harjo

Main tasks

  • planning transport in the city, directing, coordinating and organising its development;
  • guaranteeing traffic that is free of problems, smooth, as fast and safe as possible and damages the environment as little as possible;
  • coordinating development plans, plans and projects and their terms of reference;
  • organising international cooperation in city transport, incl. activities concerning the European Union;
  • organising the preparation of surveys and projects in the area of city transport;
  • maintaining city transport and traffic registers and any other registers and databases required for the performance of the main tasks of the board;
  • organising the operating activities of the railway and port facilities belonging to the city and coordinating traffic between the ports and the land connections located in the territory of the city;
  • coordinating the planning, establishment, maintenance and use of objects of public transport infrastructure and taking measures for creating favourable traffic conditions for means of public transport;
  • determining the standards of the service level of public transport and guaranteeing that these are observed in cooperation with carriers;
  • designing the line network of the city's public transport, which is connected with the county and nationwide line network;
  • establishing line routes, stops and schedules;
  • developing the procedure for the requirements of the timetables of city lines and their submission, review, amendment and approval, and approval of timetables;
  • review of the timetables of the county lines that service the city and making proposals;
  • developing public transport tickets and passes and their prices;
  • organising the preparation of tickets and passes for the common public transport ticket system, their distribution, collection of fees and ticket inspection;
  • inspecting the technical equipment and maintenance of public transport stops;
  • ascertaining the omissions that have occurred in the course of maintaining road surface on the streets used by public transport and installing lighting and traffic control devices or their use;
  • organising public competitions to select transport operators for regular public services and entering into public service contracts with the transport operators according to the authorisation received from the City Government;
  • processing applications for passenger transport permits, line permits, licence cards and other special permits arising from the main activities of the board; issuing, suspending and cancelling permits;
  • organising the provision of taxi services, issuing and inspecting taxi and activity licences, inspecting adherence to taxi service rules;
  • exercising supervision over the performance of the requirements of passenger transport permits, line permits and other special permits arising from the activities of the board and the performance of public service contracts;
  • financing regular public services on the basis of the public service contracts from the funds allocated from the city budget, the state budget and the appropriations made for specific purposes by organisations;
  • organising road safety work and traffic education;
  • organising vehicle parking and inspection of parking;
  • organising traffic management surveys;
  • approving applications for temporary closure of traffic on streets, issuing closure permits and exercising supervision;
  • approving applications for public events and street vending;
  • approving road and street lighting construction and other projects;
  • administering the road and street closure tax pursuant to the Taxation Act, the Local Taxes Act and the road and street closure tax regulation established by the City Council;
  • inspecting payment of parking charges, imposing and collecting penalty charges, performing parking charge management activities pursuant to the Taxation Act, the Local Taxes Act and the parking charge regulation established by the City Council;
  • coordinating traffic schemes and making proposals for improvement of traffic schemes;
  • operational management of traffic in the city with traffic signs, road markings, traffic lights, barriers and other traffic control devices, ordering technical traffic control devices and organising their installation and maintenance;
  • resolving issues associated with displaying means of information not required for traffic and approving their locations;
  • guaranteeing the functioning of traffic lights and traffic light control centres;
  • organising relocation of vehicles parked in a manner that disturbs or threatens traffic;
  • developing the legal acts of Tallinn that concern any issues within the competency of the board;
  • performance of the tasks arising from the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure as authorised by the city government;
  • organising the possession, use and disposal of the municipal property given to the board for management pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the legal acts of Tallinn;

The board also performs all other tasks assigned to it in the legal acts of Tallinn.




Last modified 17.01.2023