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Primary accommodation

  • Staying with relatives, friends or acquaintances
  • Accommodation on premises provided by volunteers
  • Accommodation on premises provided by the Social Insurance Board (hotel, dormitory, etc.).

Accommodation will be provided for as long as there is a need, but the place of accommodation may change during the period of assistance. For example, if the person is accommodated in a hotel on arrival and has not found a place to stay for a longer period, the Social Insurance Board may arrange for the person to be moved to another place of accommodation around Estonia. If the person does not accept the offered accommodation, he/she waives the right to accommodation guaranteed by the state and has to find accommodation on his/her own.

No one will be moved out of state-guaranteed accommodation for a period of four months before it is certain that they have somewhere to go.

People will be informed about possible relocation by Social Insurance Board staff in person and at information sessions in accommodation facilities.


Long-term accommodation

  • Finding a rental property on the open market.

Various real estate portals (e.g.; offer properties for rent. As the rental market in Tallinn is one of the most expensive in Estonia, we encourage people to look at offers in other regions of Estonia where rents are significantly lower than in Tallinn.

  • The Social Insurance Board will soon open a special real estate portal where people can add apartments specifically for war refugees.
  • The city of Tallinn does not currently have any vacant accommodation available for rent. 


Support for housing costs



Additional help with accommodation:

The Estonian Refugee Council

Facebook group “Friends of Ukraine in Estonia” 

See also:

For more information, call 1247

Last modified 27.07.2022