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Traveller with Ühiskaart in a tram by the validatorHow can I use public transport?

In Tallinn
Refugees who register at the reception points will be issued with a Tallinn smartcard (green card) certifying their right to use public transport. The smartcard is free of charge for public transport, but must be validated when boarding the vehicle. Validators are installed at the doors of buses, trams and trolleys.

In Estonia
Ukrainian war refugees can travel free of charge on public transport in Estonian cities and on county bus lines, using a public transport card with special rights.

The right to free travel applies in all cities with bus, tram and trolleybus lines, and on city and county buses as well as trains.

The right to free travel does not extend to commercial bus lines (e.g. Tallinn-Tartu bus lines).

To validate the right to free travel valid on trains, trams, trolleybuses and buses, war refugees can obtain a public transport card from their host local authority or regional public transport centre. Passengers travelling by train must also show an identity document.

You can easily plan your trips with the travel planner, a central channel for reliable info on public transport connections and real-time data all over Estonia.

If I have a green card for my car, do I still need separate insurance?

Every vehicle must have a motor insurance contract. For a vehicle not registered in a contracting country of the European Economic Area (EEA), this may be a green card issued in the country of registration or a border insurance from an EEA contracting country.

For example, a vehicle registered in Ukraine must have a green card issued in Ukraine or border insurance with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or another EEA country in order to drive in Estonia.

For more information on border insurance, see


Last modified 27.07.2022