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Working in Tallinn

Working in Tallinn

How can I register for work?

Beneficiaries of temporary protection have the right to work in Estonia under the same conditions as Estonian citizens. The minimum wage for full-time employment is €654.

Under temporary protection, you can register as unemployed with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. Bring your identity document with you. Once you are registered as unemployed, you will have your own adviser at the unemployment office, who you can meet at an agreed time and who will support you in your job search: mediating job offers and providing the help you need to find a job.

The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (Töötukassa) has offices in every county. You can also get information about the Unemployment Insurance Fund by calling 15501 or +372 669 6513.   

Estonian Labour Inspectorate put together an information sheet for refugees arriving from Ukraine: 

Do I get a job offer or do I have to look through the job ads?  I would like to get a job quickly.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund is already pooling vacancies for people from Ukraine. The jobs on offer are very varied. There are job vacancies for janitors, waiters and waitresses, couriers, but also for purchasing managers, IT specialists and accountants.

See the vacancies at  

 If I know a company that is offering a job, is there a formal (registration) procedure?

After obtaining temporary protection, Ukrainian citizens and their family members have the right to work in Estonia under the same conditions as Estonian citizens. There is no need to register the employment separately.

I have a job offer, can I start working immediately?

First of all, you need to apply for temporary protection through the Police and Border Guard Board, and if you get it, you are entitled to start working under the same conditions as Estonian citizens.

How can I work legally?

See job vacancies at
See also "How can I register for work?"

Last modified 26.07.2022