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Urban Planning Department

Vabaduse väljak 7Vabaduse väljak 7
15198 Tallinn

Phone: +372 640 4375
Fax:  +372 640 4495
Head: Ivari Rannama
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Main tasks

  • planning favourable social and economic conditions for additional creation of the city's artificial environment and sustainable development;
  • developing a common strategy for the city's development, planning and infrastructure;
  • organising the preparation of the plans and development plans required for outlining the city's development trends and inspecting their implementation in planning activities;
  • organising geological, sociological and other research, measuring and surveys to ascertain the condition and development needs of the city and its surrounding areas and preparing the city's development trends on the basis thereof;
  • organising the city's landscaping, design elements and information systems and planning their sustainable development;
  • cooperating within the framework of national and international planning and development projects and programmes;
  • coordinating plans for the sustainable development of the city's energy economy and public water supply and sewerage system;
  • organising planning, design and construction activities and making border proposals upon determination of land required for servicing buildings;
  • organising the preparation and processing of comprehensive, detailed and thematic plans;
  • organising the processing of joining and division of immovables and changing their borders;
  • review, expert analysis and approval of building projects;
  • exercising construction supervision and organising receipt of buildings;
  • organising the planning of the city's road network;
  • maintaining the registers, register cards and databases required for the performance of land, construction, planning and other main tasks of the board;
  • ordering geodetic, cartographic, topographic and land surveying works and their technical designs, issuing terms of reference, organising expert analyses and receipt;
  • organising the preparation of topographic and thematic plans and maps;
  • organising the works required for monitoring and reconstruction of the principal geodetic network (incl. the administrative border);
  • organising place names and addresses;
  • organising the processing of applications for construction, usage, demolition, individual design permits and other special permits arising from the board's principal activities;
  • maintaining the archive of construction designs, detailed plans, comprehensive plans, geodesy and cartography and files that have passed the land reform;
  • developing the legal acts of Tallinn that concern any issues within the competency of the board;
  • performing the tasks arising from the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure as authorised by the city government;
  • organising the possession, use and disposal of the municipal property given to the board for management pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the legal acts of Tallinn.
  • the board also performs all other tasks assigned to it in the legal acts of Tallinn.

Last modified 20.05.2021