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Advance voting in the voter’s location

Advance voting in the voter’s location

If a voter residing outside of their official place of residence cannot vote in the polling station due to a health condition or other compelling reason, they can apply to vote in their location (in their temporary place of residence).

Voting in the voter’s location is only organised 11-14 October 9:00-20:00.

The voter can only vote in their location if they have submitted a written request. You can submit the request until 14 October 14:00 by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

You must note on the request the reason for your application, for example:

1)     health condition;

2)     old age;

3)     difficult road conditions;

4)     lack of means of transportation;

5)     other reasons that hinder leaving your location.

If the electoral committee finds that there is not enough cause, they will inform you of the circumstances of the dismissal of your application.

At least two members of the electoral committee will organise voting in the voter’s location. You need to present an identity document to vote since the right to vote will be determined based on your personal identification number.

Last modified 23.06.2022