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About Us

About Us

Smart City Center coordinates and develops various international projects with the aim of enhancing the city's capacity to participate in international projects and strengthening cooperation with partner cities.

Why participate in international projects?
Participating in EU projects offers several opportunities:

  1. Testing Ideas - EU projects allow city officials and institutions to explore new ideas and solutions, test them, and improve them before wider implementation.
  2. Innovation - EU projects bring about innovative approaches, seeking and creating them, helping to create sustainable solutions in the city and promoting innovative methods.
  3. International Experience - Participation in EU projects brings new experiences and knowledge to the city, helping to better understand our challenges and potential solutions.
  4. Additional Funding - Participation in EU projects brings additional funds to the city's budget, enabling further funding for city development projects and initiatives.

All projects carried out support the goals and objectives of the "Tallinn 2035" development strategy.


Contact Information:

Head of Department - Aado Altmets

Project managers:
Stella Shaumyan
Markus Toompere
Aado Altmets

Collaboration with Universities - Maila Kuusik
Co-creation and Urban Nature Expert - Maria Derlõs
Communication and dissemination - Karin Luhaäär

Advising and support for projects carried out by other departments, districts and institutions - Irma Remma and Mariliis Niinemägi



Last modified 21.02.2024