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GreenTwins – Tallinn-Helsinki digital green model

GreenTwins – Tallinn-Helsinki digital green model


GreenTwins is developing a green model for the digital twin cities (HEL-TAL), analysing physical space models and digitising geoinformatics data and movement.
What makes this project unique is the digital modelling of the green environment, which allows landscape changes to be analysed and tested in completely new ways.

The aim of the project is to deal with digital solutions for modelling blue and green networks in the urban environment and to develop software and models that provide information on the effects of urban planning to various stakeholders.

3D modelling is used more often in urban planning, but less so for green spaces. Still, 3D city models should include green spaces, as this will make urban planning more comprehensive and sustainable. Landscaping and its interaction with and impact on the rest of the city's infrastructure must be taken into account in both planning analysis and simulations. The development of green elements allows planning and simulation to include landscaping along with its interactions and impacts on the rest of the city's infrastructure.

The city of Tallinn will open a participation hub in the spring of 2023. The hub will be an exhibition and co-creation space equipped with state-of-the-art visualisation technology, with the aim of facilitating citizens' participation in the urban design processes and thus fostering meaningful discussion between the city, developers, professionals and citizens.

The GreenTwins project contributes to the development of participatory urban planning linked to one of the UN's global sustainable development goals (SDG 11). The continued development of the digital twin cities creates new opportunities for better citizen involvement and the improvement of democratic processes in civil society.

The City of Tallinn, Tallinn University of Technology, Aalto University and the City of Helsinki are participating in the GreenTwins project.

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The pilot project is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (grant no. 2014-2020.4.01.20-0289) within the framework of the Centre for Smart Cities project.

Last modified 04.06.2024