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Traffic changes: first stage

Traffic changes: first stage

During first stage the traffic direction of Laikmaa street towards harbour between Gonsiori and Narva mnt and traffic direction of Gonsiori street from city centre between Laikmaa and Reimani streets are closed.

Laikmaa-Gonsiori, 1. etapp.png

Temporary changes in the port area

On Friday 17 March, construction work will start on the new tram line in the port area and traffic will be closed on Kai Street, but access to the port and cruise terminal will be guaranteed throughout the construction period.

From 17 March, access to the port area will be mainly along Sadama Street, with two lanes of traffic out of the port and at least one lane in the direction of the port. Rumbi Street will have three street crossings and will remain open afterwards to accommodate the traffic flow from the port.

Sadama ala skeem-21.03_0.png

Last modified 17.03.2023