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Coronavirus restrictions 

  • Current coronavirus restrictions (changes from 25 October 2021)
  • Wearing a proper mask is mandatory in public indoor areas where the COVID certificate is not checked. Medical (or equivalent) masks are strongly recommended, since covering nose and mouth with a raised collar, scarf or anything else is not enough to stop the spread of the virus.

  • Only those who have been fully vaccinated against or who have contracted and recovered from COVID-19 to take part in controlled events and activities.

    This applies to sports, exercise, youth work, hobbies and hobby education and in-service and further training undertaken by adults. An exception will be made for in-service training and related exams whereby training which has already commenced and which is needed in order to obtain a certificate evidencing the earning of a qualification may be carried through to its conclusion. This exception is required because in certain cases such a certificate is needed in order for a person to be able to do their job.

  • People who are unvaccinated and have not contracted and recovered from the virus may no longer take part in sporting competitions or sports and exercise events; use public pools, spas, saunas or waterparks; attend conferences, plays, concerts or cinema screenings; make use of entertainment services; go to museums or exhibitions; or spend time on site at catering venues. Nor may they attend public meetings taking place indoors or in restricted outdoor areas.

  • On retail and service premises, the retailers and service providers in question must monitor whether people are complying with the requirement to wear masks. Those not wearing masks will not be permitted to enter sales and service spaces. In order to stop the spread of the virus, it must also be ensured on such premises that people are sufficiently dispersed.

  • The new control measures will remain in place at least until 10 January 2022.

    More on the crisis website of the Government of Estonia (


Free masks

The Tallinn districts administrations will continue to give out free medical masks to multi-child families, single parents, senior citizens, and city residents receiving income-dependent support.

Face-masks are distributed on site of the district government offices. When receiving the masks, people are asked to bring an identity document and senior citizens a pension certificate. All health and safety requirements are asked to comply and avoid coming when there are symptoms of illness. Read more here



Open counselling and vaccination points in Tallinn (no appointment needed)

Vaktsineerimine. Foto: Gustavo Fring / pexels.comThere are several advising and vaccination points opened at different locations in Tallinn, where everyone who needs counselling on vaccines and vaccination, and/or get vaccinated against COVID-19, is welcome without appointment.

It is possible to choose between all vaccines approved in Estonia, including the two-dose Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna, and the single-dose Janssen.

Counselling and vaccination points locations and hours:

  • Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak). Open without prior booking every day from 9 am to 9 pm
    Here PCR testing is also available. PCR testing is free of charge with a referral note, but costs €44 without referral note.

The following counselling and vaccination points are open without prior booking on weekdays from 12 noon to 7 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 5 pm:

  • Haabersti Rimi (Haabersti 1)
  • Kristiine Shopping Centre (Endla 45)
  • Lindakivi Cultural Centre (J. Koorti 22)

See also map with all locations


Other possibilities to get vaccinated (with appointment):

  • Schedule your appointment via phone 1247 (every day 8 am to 8 pm) or via, or call your local public or private hospital;

  • At pharmacies – find your closest pharmacy and schedule your appointment via 
  • Mobile vaccination ambulance in Tallinn (for groups of at least 10 people)
  • Vaccination at home – registration via phone 677 8448.
  • Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm at the North Estonia Medical Centre Mustamäe medical campus (Sütiste rd. 19), polyclinic 16, cabinet C1220.

See also:


Support for businesses 

  • Tallinn promotes entrepreneurship in the urban space. The city districts, together with enterprises and the local community, discuss and consider which street areas are possible for the expansion of the outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants. See more
  • With the package of additional support measures proposed by the Tallinn City Government, the city exempts traders, caterers and other companies across the city affected by the restrictions of the Government of Estonia from paying rent until the end of April. The rent for municipal business premises is waived and 100% exemption applies for non-profit associations and enterprises engaged in catering, trade, services, education, pre-school education, welfare, sports, hobbies, youth work, arts and culture.
  • Until the end of the year, alleviations will be applied to the city’s contractual partners: the city does not apply interests on arrears or contractual penalties to the companies that have concluded agreements with the city and have problems in fulfilling the terms of agreement due to the situation in the world. If necessary, the deadlines for deliveries or fulfilment of orders are extended by a reasonable time.
  • With the digital solution grant for small enterprises, the city supports the costs of programming, implementation or testing related to the acquisition or development of software licenses or software up to a maximum of 6,000 euros per company per year. More information is available HERE
  • The organizers of cancelled conferences or cultural and sports events who have incurred proven sunk costs before the restrictions were imposed do not have to repay Tallinn the support allocated for these costs.

See also: 100% rent exemption on city premises extends across the city 


Benefits and food aid

Citizens in financial difficulties can turn to the social welfare department of the district government of their place of residence for help.

  • Subsistence benefit can be applied for until the last working day of each month. The support is intended to alleviate the material deprivation of people and families in need, by providing minimum resources to cover basic needs (eg utilities). The allowance is allocated on the basis of the previous month's income of the person or all members of the family, minus taxes, alimonies, utilities and subsistence level. This year, the subsistence level is 150 euros per person, 120 euros per subsequent adult family member and 180 euros per minor child. See more
  • Need-based benefits (ie income-dependent benefits) can be applied for, among other things, to cover subsistence and to cover the costs of maintaining or restoring health and acquiring medical equipment. The benefit is granted to a person or family whose net income per first family member is less than 584 euros, ie below the applicable minimum wage, and for each subsequent family member less than 467.20 euros. The application must be submitted within three months of the expenditure being incurred. In order to determine the support, the need for assistance of the person and his or her family is assessed on a case-by-case basis. See more
  • Food packages are distributed to families in economic difficulties in cooperation with the Food Bank. It is also an income-dependent aid measure and the frequency of food distribution is determined by an assessment of the need for aid.


Mental health support

Tallinn Family Centre provides an online counselling service in Estonian and Russian, but you can send a mental health related question in English to the  e-mail address and a psychologist will reply within three working days.

Helplines for mental health problems:

  • Victim support helpline 116 006 (24h)
  • Pastoral counselling 116 123 (24h)
  • Lifeline: 6558 088 (daily from 19-07)
  • Child Helpline: 116111 (24h)

If you feel that your life is in danger due to mental health difficulties:

  • Call an ambulance immediately (24/7 emergency telephone number: 112)  
  • Go to the emergency room of Tallinn Psychiatric Clinic at Paldiski mnt 52 (24/7 reception: 6172 650) 


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