Cargo in Port of Tallinn up 20% in a year

State-owned Port of Tallinn said it handled 2.5 million tons of cargo in February that is 12% more than a year ago. Including January handling, Port of Tallinn handled 5.6 million tons of cargo or 19% more than in January-February 2009, writes aripaev.ee

According to port report, oil remains the largest cargo item and increased 1% from 3.81 million tons to 3.86 million tons.

Timber volume was up 3.6 times in a year from 0.28 million tons to 1 million tons.

Ro-ro cargo increased 16% from 0.4 million tons to 0.45 million tons.

Conteiners were down 8% from 23,216 TEU to 21,318. In tonnage, container shipments were up 9.6% from 176,800 tons to 193,300 tons.

Source: balticbusinessnews.com