Municipal Police Department

Paldiski mnt 48a
10614 Tallinn
Telefon: 14410 / 6619860


Head: Aivar Toompere

Main tasks

  • Exercising supervision over the performance of the rules adopted by the Tallinn City Council and conducting misdemeanour proceedings in the case such rules are breached.
  • As authorised by the Tallinn City Government, exercising supervision over adherence to laws and processing misdemeanours.
  • Guarding the property in the ownership or possession of the City of Tallinn.
  • Participating in guaranteeing public order in the institutions and at the public events of the City of Tallinn.
  • Maintaining the Misdemeanour Register of Tallinn and other registers and databases required for the performance of the board's tasks.
  • Preventing the misdemeanours that belong to its area of competency.


Last updated: 17.01.2018