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Overview of the Reidi tee project

Opinion of Tallinn residents on the Reidi tee project - survey summary (Faktum & Ariko) (in Estonian)

Reidi tee is a new road constructed in Tallinn which extends from the Russalka junction to the intersection of Lootsi tänav and Tuukri tänav.

The project includes a seaside promenade, park strips with recreational areas, cycle tracks and driveways. The new road makes a large part of seaside scrubland around Pikksilma tänav accessible for public use, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

The purpose of Reidi tee is to provide an alternative to Narva maantee for traffic between Pirita and the city centre. A part of Reidi tee will run further away from the sea and connect the port to both Pirita and Northern Tallinn.

There will be increased need for the new road also because the new pedestrian-friendly main street to be constructed at Narva and Pärnu maantee expands cycle and pedestrian tracks and reduces the number of driveway lanes. The construction of Reidi tee began in July 2018 and should be completed in 550 days.

Draft plans of Reidi tee (30 June 2016):


Last updated: 30.12.2019