Reidi tee

Traffic changes at Russalka

Slight changes in traffic arrangements will be made in Tallinn at the intersection of Narva maantee and Pirita tee effective from 9:00 P.M. on Thursday, 13 June.

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Two lanes will remain available in both directions on the newly laid pavement where traffic will be directed in accordance with the new arrangements. It should be noted that the right-hand lane going from Pirita towards the centre is free-flowing which means that there are no traffic lights. The free-flow lane starts on Pirita tee from the pedestrian crossing at the Song Festival Ground and ends with the regulated pedestrian crossing at the Chinese embassy. Narva maantee which connects the city centre to Lasnamäe will have 1+1 lanes available.

Road users should note that there is still no left turn onto Narva maantee available for drivers coming from Pirita just as there is no right turn from Narva maantee towards Pirita. Drivers looking to go from Pirita tee to Narva maantee or from Narva maantee to Pirita tee should use alternative routes. The described traffic arrangements will remain in force until mid-August.

Temporary traffic arrangements at Ahtri-Jõe intersection from 3 June

Due to the construction of Reidi tee, the Ahtri-Lootsi-Tuukri-Jõe intersection in the Tallinn Port area will be partially closed from Monday, 3 June, and the port will not be accessible via Jõe tänav and Lootsi tänav.

The lanes leading to and from the port at Lootsi tänav will be closed up to the Ahtri intersection. Access to and exit from the port will be provided via Lootsi side street, which will be adapted for two-way traffic. Terminal D will also be accessible from Petrooleumi tänav, and Uus-Sadama tänav will be fully opened for traffic from 25 June at the latest.

Jõe tänav will be closed for vehicle traffic on the section from Karu tänav to the Ahtri intersection. A pedestrian passage from Jõe tänav to Ahtri tänav and to the Nautica Centre will be provided. In addition, a temporary fenced path will be provided on the other side of Jõe tänav for pedestrians moving between Tuukri tänav and Karu tänav.

The section of Ahtri tänav towards the Nautica Centre will also be closed up to the Ahtri intersection. The section of Ahtri tänav towards Tuukri tänav will remain open, with one lane in either direction being available for traffic before the intersection.


Local people will have access to their properties and offices. The residents of Karu tänav can use it as a two-way street, with entrance and exit via Tuukri tänav. The properties at Jõe tänav will be accessible from Narva maantee. Entry to the parking area of office buildings will be provided via the Ahtri intersection. The residents of Lootsi tänav can use the Lootsi side street connection to Tuukri tänav or the port-end street entrance via Petrooleumi tänav.

The extensive street closures are required for connecting the intersection with Reidi tee, as well as for renovating the rainwater drainage under the street, which should reduce the flooding problems in the area. We acknowledge the inconvenience caused by the construction for the residents of the port area, as well as for other road users, but we hope for understanding of the people of Tallinn in this matter. We would kindly ask all road users to pay close attention to the temporary traffic signs. The temporary traffic arrangements will remain in force until mid-August.

Traffic changes at Passenger Port and Russalka

The arrival of spring marked the beginning of a new phase in Reidi tee construction work in the port area which entailed some traffic changes. The construction work affects three junctions: intersections at Russalka and the Nautica Centre, and the intersection of Petrooleumi tänav and Tuukri tänav.

  • Petrooleumi tänav was fully opened for traffic as from 21 March. At the same time, the section of Uus-Sadama tänav between Reidi tee and Uus-Sadama 18 was closed for traffic. This means that Uus-Sadama tänav is no longer available for accessing the Passenger Port and you should Petrooleumi or Lootsi tänav instead. Residents of Uus-Sadama tänav can access their properties via Tuukri tänav. Uus-Sadama tänav is open for pedestrian traffic.
  • The section of Lootsi tänav bordering on Ahtri junction will be closed on the centre-bound side as from 25 March. Therefore, you cannot drive from Lootsi tänav to Jõe tänav or turn left onto Ahtri tänav. Lootsi side street can be used as a temporary exit with right and left turns onto Tuukri tänav available. Further, you can exit the port by using Petrooleumi tänav.
  • As from 25 March there are traffic changes on the intersection of Pirita tee and Narva maantee with no left turn onto Narva maantee available for drivers heading from Pirita towards the centre. As from 1 April the road section for turning right from Narva maantee towards Pirita will be closed too. Road users looking to go from Pirita to the Tallinn Song Festival Ground area or the other way round should use Rummu tee and Kose tee as a detour.


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Overview of the Reidi tee project

Opinion of Tallinn residents on the Reidi tee project - survey summary (Faktum & Ariko) (in Estonian)

Reidi tee is a new road constructed in Tallinn which extends from the Russalka junction to the intersection of Lootsi tänav and Tuukri tänav.

The project includes a seaside promenade, park strips with recreational areas, cycle tracks and driveways. The new road makes a large part of seaside scrubland around Pikksilma tänav accessible for public use, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

The purpose of Reidi tee is to provide an alternative to Narva maantee for traffic between Pirita and the city centre. A part of Reidi tee will run further away from the sea and connect the port to both Pirita and Northern Tallinn.

There will be increased need for the new road also because the new pedestrian-friendly main street to be constructed at Narva and Pärnu maantee expands cycle and pedestrian tracks and reduces the number of driveway lanes. The construction of Reidi tee began in July 2018 and should be completed in 550 days.

Draft plans of Reidi tee (30 June 2016):


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