Tallinn Helpline 1345


The Tallinn Helpline 1345 has been operating round the clock since 3 September 2001, on the premises of the Northern Centre of the Emergency Response Centre at Erika tn 3, 10416 Tallinn.


Objectives for the provision of the Tallinn Helpline 1345 service:

  1. Assist the city's residents and visitors:
    - in the resolution of breakdowns in utility networks and interruptions of vital services;
    - in case of need for information on social welfare or healthcare;
    - in the resolution of issues in the urban economy;
    - in the resolution of issues in the household.
  2. Provide the elderly with social surveillance or alarm button services (http://thk.ee/teenused/sotsiaalvalve-teenus/).
  3. In crisis situations, use the Helpline 1345 service to inform residents, issuing an alarm or providing potential instructions for action, and to inform and marshal members in the structural units of the Tallinn City Crisis Management Services.



  • you need assistance in the event of unexpected technical issues in your household that require speedy resolution or in the event of breakdowns or interruptions in utility networks;
  • you see that something in the urban economy is not in order;
  • you need information on issues concerning life in the city or any other issues;
  • you wish to submit suggestions to the City Government.

When calling the Helpline 1345 from a mobile phone, the standard charge (€ 0.23 per minute) for calling a voice service number applies. When calling from a desk phone, charges apply as per the price list set by the relevant telecommunications service provider.

The Helpline 1345 may be contacted also by e-mail: 1345 [at] 112.ee.


Companies interested in joining the database of the Tallinn Helpline 1345 are requested to make contact by telephoning 6287433 or e-mailing to 1345 [at] 112.ee. For companies, joining the database of the Tallinn Helpline 1345 and having their details in it are free of charge.

Partners cooperating with the Helpline 1345 include:

  1. companies managing or maintaining real estate;
  2. apartment associations;
  3. Departments of the City Government of Tallinn, and Governments of Tallinn City Districts;
  4. companies operating in these areas:
    - assistance in the event of breakdowns in water supply, sewerage or heating systems;
    - execution of electrical works or repairs;
    - assistance in the event of lift breakdowns or with the opening of door locks;
    - performance of the maintenance of streets and roads as well as provision of public services and amenities and landscaping;
    - provision of cleaning or rubbish removal services;
    - animal clinics and the provision of veterinary services;
    - provision of traffic management services etc.


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