Tallinn is preparing for free public transport

Tallinn City Government has proposed a bill to City Council which regulates the use of free public transport. According to the draft regulation, all legitimate citizens of Tallinn will be allowed to use public transportation free of charge as of January 1st 2013.

In addition to Tallinners and groups that are already entitled to ride free regardless of their place of residence, the bill also enables free public transport to all students, whether they are registered citizens or not.

The act also ordains the implementation of an innovative ticket and free ride validation system. The system of paper tickets will expire from January 1st 2013 and the new means of purchasing and validating the right to use public transport wil be an innovative smartcard.

The new e-ticket system was implemented from September 2012, and the paper tickets expire on January 1st 2013. The use of smartcard will thereof be mandatory for Tallinners and students who wish to ride free in public transport. The current ID-ticket system will remain effective until March 31st 2013. The possibility to purchase tickets with mobile phone will also stay in effect.

Those users of the public transport who are not, according to the Population Register, residents of Tallinn, will have to buy e-tickets or electronic period cards as paper tickets will be abolished.