Appointing guardian and applying for nursing support

Assigning care and caregiver for an adult and determining and payment of caregiver’s allowance to a caregiver to an adult, to a parent of a disabled child, to a person married to the parent or to a guardian.

Severely disabled person's carer support is 15.40 euros per month.
Profound disability and caregiver support is 25.60 euros per month.

The assignment of care and caregiver ensures the necessary level of assistance to an adult suffering from mental or physical disability to execute his/her civil rights and obligations by giving specific duties to the person fit to be caregiver. The caregiver’s allowance ensures everyday assistance, guidance and supervision to a person with moderate-, severe- or profound disability which supports the independent coping of a person suffering from disability.

Care constitutes as the caregiver’s everyday physical activity in supporting the person under care and providing guidance when eating, performing hygienic actions, getting dressed, moving or communicating; Supervision ensures the safety of a person, whose activity or inactivity could cause harm to oneself or third parties or property damage.

  • Where to start

    To assign care and caregiver, the appropriate written application must be submitted to the social welfare department of the city district government of his/her residence. To obtain caregiver’s allowance, the care provider must submit the appropriate written application to the social welfare department of the city district government of his/her residence. The form is available here.

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    What to do with the form

    Give it to the social welfare department of local district administration of the person under curatorship.


    The decision to assign or not to assign caregiver’s allowance is made by the director or the deputy director of the social welfare department within one month of receiving the application or potential additional documents or relevant information or when the deadline for presenting such documents and information passes.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    The person whose rights have been violated when assigning care, caregiver and caregiver’s allowance can present a challenge for such incidents at the Tallinn City Government or at the county government. The person, whose challenge is left outstanding or whose rights have been violated during the proceedings can appeal at the Administrative Court according to the Code of Administrative Court Procedure. The person can turn to the Administrative Court without presenting the initial challenge as well.

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