Compensation for childcare service

The aim of the childcare service is to support the parent or the guardian in working and coping or under a contract also the carer's work or coping related with caretaking of a child in a family. Authorized service provider will be found by the parent, guardian or the carer.

The compensation is paid when the benefit paid to the parent, under Parental Benefit Act, is terminated. The right to apply for compensation ends when the child is registered to a pre-school child care institution or school. The applicant has the right to submit an application in three months time after the month the childcare service was used.

According to the new rule, compensation is not paid to persons, who buy service for lesser amount than the amount of compensation. Persons who buy the service for a lesser amount than one and a half amount of the compensation amount, but not less than for the amount compensated, will be paid 50% of the compensation amount. Persons who buy the service in an the amount that is equal to one and a half amount of the compensation amount or is greater, will receive 100% of the compensation amount.
The childcare service compensation amount in 2021 is 196 euro per calendar month, per child.

  • Where to start

    Contact the local social welfare department. The application form is available here.Have with you the child’s birth certificate (when applying for the compensation for the first time), documentation that verifies buying the child-minder service, describing when has the child-minder service been used and when and how much has been paid for the service.

    Personal identification

    Have an idendity document and the document, confirming your carer or guardian status (when applying the compensation for the first time).

    What to do with the form

    Submit to local social welfare department.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:


    The decision on compensation payment will be made within ten workdays since the day the last necessary document for compensation application was received. The compensation will be transferred to the bank account that was in the application, within 10 days, following the compensation allocation decision day.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    The district elder solves disputes related to the service provision. It is possible to contact the City Government or the county governor if one does not agree with the district elder's administrative legislation.

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