Counselling for visually impaired people

The service is provided to people residing in Tallinn with visual impairments. We offer two types of services:

  1. Psychosocial group work to improve your everyday coping skills during which we will teach practical skills and help you adapt to the life changes resulting from your condition.
  2. Peer counselling during which adults with visual impairments who have similar experiences can exchange knowledge and experiences and offer each other emotional, social and practical support.

For example, a peer counsellor can help a person with visual impairment to apply for disability and reduced work capacity certificates and teach them how to use different computer programmes. The purpose of the peer counsellor is to motivate, help make changes and guide the person to take action in their life.

What will be done during peer counselling?

  • sharing information about benefits and services,
  • sharing information about different visual aid tools and how to use them,
  • sharing information about technological innovations and how to use them, creating contacts and communicating with other people with visual impairments,
  • group activities,
  • counselling on how to adapt their work and living place and on the different rehabilitation options,
  • helping clients make effective decisions,
  • helping clients establish contacts with employees in the social welfare unit of the city district of their place of residence and finding them necessary services both on the level of city district government and the state. The peer counsellors are specialists Julia Kabanova, Artur Räpp, Olga Birch and Vjacheslav Davydov who have all passed a relevant course.
  • Where to start

    You do not need a referral to get counselling. Contact the North Estonian Blind Association (phone +372 674 8945) to confirm a time out of the group times that suits you.

    Personal identification

    Bring your ID


    We offer 4 cooking classes and 10 music therapy classes that are part of the psychosocial group work.

    They have a small participation fee:

    cooking workshop is 3 euros a session and

    music therapy 1 euro a session.

    Peer counselling for people with visual impairment residing in Tallinn is free.

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