Crisis support counselling

Crisis support counselling is a short-term psychological aid for people who have been through a traumatic experience or accident (including being a witness/bystander) or encountered a crisis in their everyday life and feel the need for support.

Counselling is offered in the crisis help centre. If necessary, help is also provided over the phone. Counselling is confidential and anonymous.

When can crisis help counselling be beneficial?

  • serious crises: accidents, deaths, violent domestic disputes, loss, grief, etc.
  • life crises: divorce, family conflicts, conflicts with teenagers within the family, work related stress, coping emotionally with life situations
  • mental health problems: chronic overburdening, stress, depression caused by loss of employment, suicidal thoughts, depression

The service is free for residents that are registered in Tallinn.

  • In-person appointments with pre-registration. Book an appointment by calling +372 631 4300.

    Psychological counselling by a specialist over the phone: +372 631 4300.

    Volunteers offer emotional support:

    • helpline in Estonian: +372 655 8088 is available every day (including public holidays) from 19:00-7:00
    • helpline in Russian: +372 655 5688 is available every day (including public holidays) from 19:00-7:00


    The person or family has been offered or if necessary provided psychological help in order to maintain or regain mental health or ability to work.

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