Day care service for the elderly with memory difficulties

The aim of the service are the elderly with dementia syndrome who according to the data in Population Register live in Tallinn and need day care. This service is primarily for families who cannot leave the elder person home alone. Day care for the elderly with dementia helps the elderly to live at home, enables the people close to the person in care to continue working and give them a rest. The elderly receiving the day care service will be ensured with a daily care during workdays. Also, various developing activities are offered. In addition to the day care the consumers of the service are offered many developing activities, memory training, activities for maintaining the physical condition, a possibility for resting and communication.
Daily activities are planned for the elderly on the basis of the needs of the elderly or the family. In accordance with prior agreement with the service provider the service can be used for a longer period, single days or hours during the week.
The family physician or a psychiatrist uses a letter of referral (refers to the person's dementia syndrome and verifies that the person is not suffering from contagious diseases) to refer the person to day care. Approval from the social welfare department of the local district is required to provide the service.
The service is free of charge for the elderly person and Tallinn pays for it. The elderly or the carer pays for feeding and care materials (diapers, medication, etc). The elderly are brought and taken to the day care service with the transport belonging to people close to the elderly person or to the carer.
  • Where to start

    Service application: service applicant from the social welfare department of the local district administration.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.


    The elderly with memory difficulties receives the day care service.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Contact the service provider.

  • Mustamäe Päevakeskus

    Name Unit Price
    Dementsete päevahoid teiste omavalitsuste elanikele Päev 9.75 €
    Dementsete päevahoid Tallinna elanikele päev 1.80 €

    Tallinna Kesklinna Sotsiaalkeskus

    Name Unit Price
    Dementsete päevahoid Tallinna elanikele Päev 1.30 €
    Dementsete päevahoid teistele Päev 6.65 €
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