Day centre for elderly with memory impairment

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At the day centre for elderly, we offer a safe environment and supervision for elderly people to reduce the family members’ burden of care and allow them to work.

All older people with mild or moderate dementia syndrome living in Tallinn based on the Population Registry can receive the service. It is first and foremost intended for families who cannot leave their elderly relatives at home.

Daytime supervision will be ensured for older adults during weekdays. The personnel will help support the person through various activities and maintain their everyday coping skills in an environment that is as familiar to them as possible. Depending on their abilities, we will work together on creative and educational activities: exercising, singing, walking with a companion, discussing global issues, organising memory trainings as well as celebrating birthdays and public holidays. All of this will support the person’s everyday coping abilities and increase the efficacy of home care. The daily activities will be planned individually based on the wishes of the client and their family members and their assessed physical and mental condition.

Good to know:

  • The person will be referred to the day centre by the social welfare unit of their place of residence.
  • A family doctor or a specialist will assess the person’s health and issue a referral letter necessary for the service (indicating the dementia syndrome and confirming that the person does not have any illnesses in the infectious phase).
  • Based on prior agreements, it is possible to use the service long term, on some days or hours during the week.
  • The elderly will be brought and picked up from the day centre by family members or carers using their own transportation or the social transportation service. Additionally, the elderly will bring their medication and care aids with them as necessary.
  • Teenuse vajalikkust hindab perearst või psühhiaater, kes väljastab selleks saatekirja. Inimese suunab päevahoiuteenusele elukohajärgne sotsiaalhoolekande osakond.


    Teenus on tasuta Tallinna elanikele. 

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  • Mustamäe Päevakeskus

    Name Unit Price
    Dementsete päevahoid Tallinna elanikele päev 1.80 €
    Dementsete päevahoid teiste omavalitsuste elanikele Päev 9.75 €

    Tallinna Kesklinna Sotsiaalkeskus

    Name Unit Price
    Dementsete päevahoid Tallinna elanikele päev 1.80 €
    Dementsete päevahoid teiste omavalitsuste elanikele päev 8.00 €
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