Budget counselling

The aim of budget counselling is to improve the economic and social coping of people and families by teaching them to better manage their finances and avoid debt.

When can I contact a budget counsellor? As in the case of debt counselling, you can contact a budget counsellor if you are developing financial problems. Budget counselling is preferred to debt counselling if you do not have any debt (e.g. enforcement proceedings or debts required for collection) but are struggling to manage your everyday finances.

During budget counselling:

  • an income-expenses analysis is prepared for the person or their family;
  • a family budget is prepared; and
  • they are taught how to better manage their finances and avoid debt.

The service is free for residents registered in Tallinn.

  • Where to start

    Contact the service provider and book an appointment.

    Information and registration: weekdays from 09:00-16:00 by calling +372 666 0886 or e-mailing volanoustaja@swcenter.ee.

    Budget counselling appointments take place at Tulemaa 6 and Mahtra 44.

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