General nursing home service

The aim of the general care home service is to primarily ensure round-the-clock care in a general care home to the elderly who are living alone and whose coping cannot be ensured with the provision of other social services or aid.

Tallinn's elderly who themselves or whose legal providers cannot ensure care for the person, due to their health, old age or being least privileged, will be accepted as applicants to the waiting line for a place in a general care home.
If the elder person, a family member or his/her carer wants to apply for Tallinn's co-financing for paying for the place in care home, the person needs to contact the social welfare departmentof the local district where it will be determined whether the city's co-participation is justified. Transfer to the care home is organized through a committee, formed as a part of the department.
If there are no free places at the city owned Iru Care Home, upon the person's approval the person will be transferred to another care home in Estonia.
Institutions providing the care home service to Tallinn's elderly:
Tallinn's social welfare insitution - Iru Care Home, Hooldekodu road 2, Tallinn 13914, phone 6062802, e-mail:
Other care homes in Estonia (data and contacts of care homes are available on the homepage of the Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Where to start

    The written statement describing the need for a nursing home must be submitted to the local social welfare departments.

    The application must include why you need constant care, nursing and monitoring, and why you can not use any other social services.

    To apply for co-financing of the City of Tallinn, the applicant of the nursing home is to submit a written application to the city district government of his/her residence.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.


    In case of need the person has been referred to a round-the-clock care in a social welfare institution.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Contact the service provider.

  • Iru Nursing Home

    Name Unit Price
    Ööpäevaringne hooldus üks isik ööpäev 24.00 €
    Ööpäevaringne hooldus üks isik 1-kohalises toas ööpäev 29.00 €
    Ööpäevaringne hooldus üks isik 2-kohalises toas ööpäev 27.00 €
    Ööpäevaringne hooldus üks isik 3-4 kohalises toas ööpäev 25.00 €
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