Independency benefit

You are entitled to the transition to independent living allowance if all of the following criteria are met:

  • you were place under guardianship until you attained adulthood,
  • your place of residence at the time of placing under guardianship was the City of Tallinn,
  • you have filed an application for transition to independent living allowance.

Application – to be eligible for the allowance you need to filed an application within three years of termination of guardianship. If you are a beneficiary of substitute care services in your adulthood you must file the application within three years of termination of the contract for the provision of said services.
Payment – the allowance is paid as a lump sum. The allowance is paid within 30 days of filing the application,


  • Where to start

    Write the application. The form is available in the Forms section

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.

    What to do with the form

    Submit the application to the local social welfare department.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    The district elder solves disputes related to the service provision. It is possible to contact the City Government or the county governor if one does not agree with the district elder's administrative legislation.

  • Providers   Service providing location