Infant care package

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Following the birth of a child, the City of Tallinn presents the parents with a gift package consisting of items necessary for the newborn.


Who receives the infant care package?

An infant care package is issued if both parents are listed as Tallinn residents and one of the parents has been living in Tallinn for at least a year.

The infant care package is also available to:

  • a child’s carer on the basis of a family care contract if the child is a resident of Tallinn according to the population register
  • the child’s guardian if the child and the guardian live in Tallinn according to the population register

Items in infant care package

  • Where to start

    • The mother receives the infant care pack at the maternity hospital. If the child was born outside of Tallinn, the parent can obtain the package within a month of the birth from the women’s clinic at West Tallinn Central Hospital by presenting the child’s birth certificate.
    • You will find a description of the infant care package here.

    Personal identification

    Make sure you have an identity document with you.

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