Legal counselling

Free legal counselling is offered to lower income residents of Tallinn in Estonian and in Russian. This service is for residents of Tallinn whose income per one family member is less than the minimum wage (584 euros).



The aim of the service is to lower income people manage and prevent problems from getting worse.

Counselling is offered in the following areas:

  • family relationships
  • housing (rental relationships)
  • various obligations/debts
  • guidance in court (written legal procedure)
  • conflicts in work relationships

issues related to services and financial support

  • Where to start

    Register for legal counselling at the service provider.

    Foundation Õigusteenuste Büroo (ÕTB)

    Phone number: +372 5385 0005

    Good to know: pre-registration necessary, target group lower income residents of Tallinn, bring your ID to the counselling session

    Sihtasutus Õigusteenuste Büroo


    Lower income residents of Tallinn receive legal counselling.

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