Parking charge concession for residents

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Tallinn residents living in a public paid parking zone can apply for a parking charge concession. A resident is entitled to a parking charge concession of one category B motor car or a category AM four-wheel motor vehicle in the parking zone corresponding to their place of residence. The charge concession is valid for 12 months.

A parking charge concession is offered to Tallinn residents who meet these requirements:

·        Their residence is located in a public paid parking zone (and they have lived there at least two months before as well as during the application).

They have been marked as the owner, administrative user or user of the vehicle on the vehicle registration certificate.

·        Charge concessions won’t be issued to people whose residences received a building permit after 1 January 2022.

If you have a valid charge concession, but have recently become an owner or user of a new car, you can modify the registration number of the car valid for the concession. A request for a change in car registration number should be submitted in writing to or in the information hall of the Tallinn City Government (Vabaduse väljak 7), desk no. 4.

  • Log in to Note that the vehicle registration number on the charge concession cannot be modified via the online self-service. If you wish to modify it, we ask you to submit an application to or




    Personal identification

    Identify yourself.

    Information about their place of residence (based on Population Register) and terms of the application will be displayed to the applicant. Enter the registration number of the car used for the charge concession and submit the application.

    Application reception confirmation

    1.     An official will review the submitted application within 7 days.

    2.     The official will send their response either by SMS or e-mail. The application will be  approved or denied.

    3.     The payment deadline for the resident’s annual card is 10 days after approval of the application by the Tallinn Transport Department.

    If the applicant does not pay in time, the application will become invalid


    If your application is approved, log in to and pay for the parking permit.
    2. In order to pay for the parking permit, click on any of the internet bank or payment order buttons available under the "My parking permits” page.
    3. Pay for the resident's parking permit that you applied for.
    4. The parking permit becomes valid immediately after payment via bank link.
    5. NB! After the bank link payment be sure to click the button "Back to trader”. You will receive final confirmation for your parking permit activation.
    6.NB! When paying by transfer, the parking permit will be valid the next workday following the payment and you will receive a notification by e-mail or SMS.
    7. You can pay for charge concessions that have not been paid yet.


    The resident can see their charge concessions online at

     They can review all their concessions and see detailed information about them.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Call to 640 4456

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