Personal assistant

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A personal assistant can help people with their everyday activities such as moving around, eating, cooking, getting dressed, hygiene procedures, housework and other activities where people need guidance or personal assistance. A personal assistant is also a companion for a person with a physical disability that helps them participate in their studies or hobbies. 


Who is this service for?

It is intended for adults who need personal assistance due to their physical disability. The user of the personal assistant must be capable of organising their life by themselves and giving necessary orders to the personal assistant so they can provide the service.

What does a personal assistant do?

  • accompanies a person with a visual impairment from one place to another
  • helps a person with a physical disability push their wheelchair or use another mode of transportation
  • help with writing, reading and communicating
  • helps with eating, getting dressed, hygiene procedures and other similar activities
  • Where to start

    Please contact the district government of your place of residence and they will determine the need for care.

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