Public event permit

A public event is an amusement, competition, spectacle, commercial event or other such function held in a public space and open for public, but is not a public meeting. As of July 1st 2014, public meetings are to be harmonised with the North Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board

  • Review the rules and the requirements for holding a public meeting in the City of Tallinn .

    Application for a request for permit of an event is not required for an event taking place outdoors and within an enclosed territory, building or a part thereof designed for public gatherings, except in cases stipulated in subsection 2 (2) and clause 3 (4) 2) of this regulation.

    Submit in Estonian an application for a public event permit through the information system of public gatherings AKIS . AKIS manual in Estonian.

    Provide with it the documents below in Estonian:

    1. a description of the nature of the event, setting out the concept and purpose of the event and specifying its schedule and proposed activities;
    2. a location plan indicating the precise location where the event will be held;
    3. a site layout, true to scale, and descriptions, drawings (including scales), photographs, a photographic montage or other illustrative images of equipment, if equipment is to be installed at the location where the event will be held. If any sales activities are engaged in, the range of goods needs to be indicated;
    4. dimensions, drawings, photographs, a photographic montage or other illustrative images of advertising and information media, if advertising or information is to be displayed at the location where the event will be held;
    5. a security plan(PDF, 79.63 kB)(PDF, 79.63 kB) and a security site layout, if the public event entails an elevated security risk;
    6. a hard-copy or electronic diagram, cleared with the Transport Department of the City of Tallinn, of detour routes for traffic and public transport, in order to re-organise traffic and/or re-direct public transport, on a scale of 1:1000, as well as a diagram of intersections on a scale of 1:500. The diagrams shall indicate: traffic control devices (traffic signs, traffic cones or the like) to be installed, parking facilities, the person in charge of the organisation of traffic including this person's contact details, and the locations of traffic control officers in compliance with the requirements in the Traffic Act;
    7. a parking diagram if the event entails a need for parking spaces;
    8. a copy of the rules of conduct at the public event, if applicable.

      Ensure that the consent of the owner or manager of the property is obtained for using the property or a part thereof when conducting the event.

    (From a Mac OsX computer, print the application in the PDF format in order to ensure that the content of the application is visible - see screen shot.)

    PLEASE NOTE: Documents should be submitted in advance of the event; at least:
    a) 40 days in advance, if the event requires a re-organisation of the operation of public transport services;
    b) 30 days in advance, if the event is to be held in Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square) (review the requirements for holding a public event in Vabaduse väljak(PDF, 130.26 kB));
    c) 30 days in advance, if the holding of the event is sought during silent hours (10 PM to 6 AM) at night;
    d) 14 days in advance in any other instances.

    A request for a permit for an event may be applied for organising an event, the consecutive duration of which is up to seven weeks.


    After necessary approvals from city’s administrative agencies, North-Estonian Regional Rescue Centre and North Police Prefecture, a digitally signed public event permit is issued and delivered to your contact address through the information system of public gatherings AKIS . Information about the approved event is uploaded automatically to Tallinn's homepage.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    1. Remove the deficiencies in the public event application according to received instructions.
    2. To submit a claim to administrative court for unfair denial public event application.

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