Rehabilitation of children with behavioural disorders

Young people aged 10-17 who have problems with substance abuse or exhibit other harmful behaviour receive support from the round-the-clock social programme, where needed.

The service provides the following to young people:

  • individual counselling and psychological assistance
  • motivation and teaching of coping and self-management skills
  • communication training and assistance in restoring or creating a social network
  • suitable conditions and support for learning
  • leisure activities that support development

What is the target group?

Young people aged 10-17 who have problems with alcohol or drug use or other behaviour that is harmful to themselves or others, and who need intensive, round-the-clock support in overcoming their problems and finding their strengths. Young people are referred to the service by a child protection official from the city district. The precondition for obtaining the service is the consent of the child and one of their parents. The child’s family is also supported during the service.

The service is usually provided for one academic year. The service is provided round-the-clock, but the young person can gradually return home, based on whether their ability to cope without harmful behaviour improves.

  • Where to start

    The child obtains the service after contacting the social welfare department of the city district government of their place of residence.


    The child’s legal guardian and the service provider enter into a service contract. The service may be provided to the child until the issue is resolved, but generally for no longer than one academic year. The service is terminated before the end of the academic year if the child is able to cope independently in their everyday growth environment or if the service does not meet the child’s needs.

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