Social housing

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Social housing is for people and families that are unable to ensure their own housing and need help with everyday life (social services and benefits). Social housing can be a subsidised apartment or a place at a social housing unit.

A subsidised apartment is a temporary living place where you can live alone or with your family and receive support via various social services and benefits in order to cope with everyday life. A place at a social housing unit (such as a bed or a room) is also a temporary living place but you will live in the same room and/or share the common rooms with other people who might not be your family members. We will always support people who live in a social housing unit in returning to independent life (i.e. resocialisation). The social welfare departament of the city district of your place of residence based on the Population Registry will help to determine which living situation is suitable for the needs and possibilities of you or your family (according to the structure of the family, availability of living spaces, social and economic coping abilities, financial capability etc.). You can also apply to the service or register yourself as an applicant for a living space there.


· Addresses of social housing

· Further information about the city’s living spaces by district.

  • The prerequisite for receiving a housing is that you have been registered as an applicant in the city district government of your place of residence according to the Population Registry.
    Information about the available living places in each district can be found on Tallinn’s website.
    You can only apply to living places that have been made available in the district where you are registered as an applicant.
    Complete the application form, sign it digitally and send it to the city district government of your place of residence.


    The applicant for the living space will receive notice of whether or not their application was approved within a month of submitting.

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