Subsistence benefit

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You can apply for the benefit until the last work day of each month. When paying the benefit, the income of all family members is taken into account, from which the housing costs are deducted and the subsistence level for the first member of a family shall be EUR 150 per month. The subsistence level for subsequent adult family members is EUR 120. The subsistence level for minor children is EUR 180 per month. The objective of the subsistence benefit is to compensate for the amount missing from the subsistence level.

To apply for the subsistence benefit, contact the local social welfare department. More information is available at Subsistence benefit is applied for in accordance with the Social Welfare Act.

  • Where to start

    Write an application to apply for subsistence benefit. Add the document that confirms the right to use the living quarters (document confirming right of ownership or the rental contract), the bill that needs to be paid during the current month, the electricity bill and gas bill and documentation confirming the income of all persons who, according to the Population register, live in the same living quarters.

    What to do with the form

    Submit it with all necessary additional materials to your local social welfare department.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:


    Otsuse toetuse määramise või mittemääramise kohta teeb sotsiaalhoolekande osakonna juhataja või tema asetäitja viie tööpäeva jooksul alates toetuse taotlemiseks vajaliku viimase dokumendi saamise päevast või dokumendi esitamise tähtpäevast. Põhjendatud otsus toetuse määramisest keeldumise kohta tehakse taotlejale kirjalikult teatavaks viie tööpäeva jooksul arvates otsuse tegemise päevast.

    Toetus kantakse kolme tööpäeva jooksul pärast toetuse määramise otsuse tegemist taotleja näidatud pangakontole.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    The district elder solves disputes related to the service provision. It is possible to contact the City Government or the county governor if one does not agree with the district elder's administrative legislation.

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