2018 positive year in tourism

According to preliminary data, residents of foreign countries made 4.6 million visits to Tallinn in 2018, which is a slight increase compared to the year before, and spent an estimated 1.05 billion euros, a 3% increase compared to 2017.

58% of visits to Tallinn by foreign tourists were one-day visits (approximately 2.7 million in total), including 635,000 visits by cruise tourists.

42% of foreign travellers (1.9 million in total) stayed in Tallinn for several days, 76% of whom (approximately 1.5 million foreign travellers in total) spent a night in some of Tallinn’s accommodation establishments and 24% (approximately 471,000) in a guest apartment or at a friend’s/acquaintance’s house. There are an estimated 2,500 guest apartments with less than 5 beds in Tallinn.

According to Statistics Estonia, 1.71 million tourists stayed in accommodation establishments of Tallinn. Of all tourists, 85% were foreign tourists. The three largest tourism markets for Tallinn are Finland, Russia, and Germany. 40% of all accommodated foreign tourists were from Finland (578,250, –11%), 10% from Russia (140,200, +1%), and 7% from Germany (101,600, +17%). Developments in other important markets were also divergent: the number of tourists from Latvia and the United Kingdom increased by 3% and 6%, respectively. The number of Swedish and Norwegian tourists decreased by 5% and 7%, respectively. 252,300 domestic tourists were accommodated, which is 7% more than last year.

Tourists spent a total of 3.1 million (+2%) nights in accommodation establishments in Tallinn, of which overnight stays by foreign tourists accounted for 86% (2,709,846 nights in total) and those by domestic tourists for 14% (439,780 nights in total). The number of overnight stays by foreign tourists has shown a 1% increase and the number of overnight stays by domestic tourists an 8% increase.

The seasonality of tourism in Tallinn  is quite high. 68% of tourists visit the city from April to October. The high-month of tourism in Tallinn is July.

The average trip length for travellers who stayed in an accommodation establishment in Tallinn was 1.84 nights (+2%). On average, domestic tourists spent 1.74 nights and foreign tourists 1.85 nights in accommodation establishments in Tallinn.

66% of the tourists who stayed in an accommodation establishments came to Tallinn for a holiday, 31% for business (of whom 4% were on a conference trip), and 3% visited the city for other purposes. The number of holiday trips decreased by 5%, the number of business trips increased by 9%, and the number of city visits for other purposes increased by 5%.

In 2018, Tallinn was visited by 635,000 cruise tourists. The top destination countries of cruise tourists were Germany (30% of cruise tourists), the United States (21%), and the United Kingdom (12%).

The estimated amount of money spent by foreign tourists on goods and services in Tallinn was 1.05 billion euros (+3%).