5114 people were vaccinated in Tallinn vaccination centres over the weekend

A total of 5,144 people were vaccinated in the vaccination centres in Sõle Sports Centre and Tondiraba Ice Rink from Friday to Sunday. The centres were capable of vaccinating a total of 7,100 people.

At Sõle Sports Centre, Confido Medical Centre vaccinated a total of 3,410 people over three days, 1,350 of them on Friday, 1,500 on Saturday and 560 on Sunday. In Tondiraba Ice Rink, Medicum vaccinated a total of 1,704 people, 1,330 of them on Saturday and 374 on Sunday.

According to Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart, the vaccination centres did their job well, although they were ready to vaccinate more people. "Hopefully, in the future, information about the arrival of vaccines and the target groups to be vaccinated will arrive earlier, which will enable us to inform more people. However, we had a decent result with a few days' notice, and hopefully the people in the target group who wanted to get vaccinated took the opportunity," said Kõlvart. "Tallinn will continue to be ready for such extensive vaccinations, and while this time two vaccination centres were opened, then the city is ready to open six similar centres. The city provides all the necessary support systems, premises, logistics, security and support staff. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and helped to organize the work of the vaccination centres, including MUPO officials and almost a hundred city employees who volunteered to help.”

In co-operation with Tallink, the city of Tallinn established a call centre for people who wanted to register for the vaccinations. The telephone lines were open from the morning of April 1 to the afternoon of April 4. In addition, it was possible to book appointments for the vaccination centre in the digital reception on the Confido and Medicum websites.

During the past weekend, people born in 1956 and earlier and people belonging to the COVID-19 risk group born in 1961 and earlier were vaccinated all over Estonia.