A book "Tallinn Parks and Green Areas" was completed for the city's birthday

To celebrate Tallinn Day, the Environment and Public Utilities Department of Tallinn presented the book “Tallinn Parks and Green Areas”, the 700 pages of which describe the history of the city's green areas.

“Greenery makes up more than half of Tallinn's territory, and the landscape here is also very diverse - we have bogs, forests, rivers, lakes and, of course, the sea. Over the centuries, the city has been transformed to preserve these values, while a new layer of culture has been added with each generation,” said Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf. “The newly published book provides an overview of the history of Tallinn's gardens and parks since the Middle Ages. In addition to the well-known parks - the parks of the Old Town bastion zone and Kadriorg Park - more than 100 garden and park stories have been documented.“

"Since one picture says more than a thousand words, the book is illustrated with a lot of pictures. There you will find over 600 historical or contemporary photographs and maps that are exciting to see for anyone interested in the story of the urban environment. The map gives the reader the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery while walking in their hometown and acquire new knowledge," said Kristiina Kupper, the editor and project manager of the book, the city's landscape architect. "I believe everyone will find something interesting in the book.

The book "Tallinn Parks and Green Areas" will be printed in 1,500 copies, of which 500 will remain for use in the city and 1,000 will be sold.

Video of the last stage of the book: