A culinary trip around the world without leaving Tallinn

The gastronomic capitals of the world (London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and so on) all stand out with the fact that they offer cuisines from all around the globe. In such places, you do not have to travel anywhere to taste the food of different countries. What kind of a culinary trip could you take in Tallinn?

Estonian cuisine

Before exploring the flavours of the world, you should know the best local flavours. Restaurants Leib and Ö offer the most genuine Estonian flavours for your sampling. Restaurant Leib serves up traditional Estonian dishes with a modern twist. The team at Leib works closely with a network of small, local farms who supply everything they need. You can now order these goods to your home within Estonia from the restaurant’s e-store: Talust Koju.
Restaurant Ö is a miracle of Estonian cuisine. They transform simple peasant food into excellent fine dining dishes. The restaurant emphasises the finest nuances of rustic flavours. With the help of the latest cooking techniques, they are able to turn even the most robust ingredients into an enjoyable meal for both the eyes and mouth.

Russian cuisine

When it comes to the flavours of the countries closest to us, they are not considered as exotic as those from farther away. Perhaps it is for this reason that there are not many Finnish, Swedish or Latvian restaurants in Tallinn. There is, however, one exception with our largest neighbour – Russia.
Restaurant Moon, like restaurant Leib, serves up traditional Russian dishes in a modern way. Their borscht with pies, potato dumplings, buckwheat blinis, pike fish cake, and many other dishes have become local legends. Regular customers protest as soon as one of these dishes is temporarily removed from the menu.
Restaurant Troika on the Town Hall Square highlights the theatrical side of Russian cuisine. At the door of the restaurant, visitors are greeted by a taxidermy bear and the wait staff wear traditional garments. Vodka is poured into glasses with a magnificently high arc, and all the classic dishes of Russian cuisine are represented, from a diverse selection of dumplings to skilfully cooked sturgeon.
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