A free audio guide is now available for visitors of Tallinn Old Town

A total of 40 historically significant objects were recently illuminated in the Old Town of Tallinn, among others Fat Margaret, Patkuli steps, Kiek in de Kök and Tall Hermann. Now, a free map application and an audio guide have been created for visitors of the light track to learn more about the history of the objects.

The aim of illuminating the Tallinn city wall and its towers was to value the medieval environment of Old Town that has survived to this day. At a time when travel is difficult, the project Vaata Vanalinna (See the Old Town) creates an opportunity for local residents and visitors to (re)discover the glory of one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Historian Jaak Juske pointed out that the new lighting solution highlights the different construction stages of the medieval city wall built in the course of three centuries. According to Juske, everyone should visit the Old Town of Tallinn, which is under UNESCO protection. "The development of cannons forced the defensive wall to be constantly thicker and taller, adding defensive towers. The city wall was more than two kilometres long at the time, and despite the fact that six city gates were almost completely demolished in the 19th century, most of the wall has survived to this day. Although a large portion of the buildings in the Old Town have been rebuilt in later centuries and the Second World War also left its scars, the distribution of houses and the network of streets have largely remained unchanged since the Middle Ages,” he described.

The See the Old Town in New Light map application and audio guide are available on the website www.vaatavanalinna.ee in English, Estonian and Russian. You can choose the track you want to use, and by allowing the app to track your location, you can see your movement on the map in real time. To listen to the audio guide, tap on the name of the object on the map. The audio-guided light tracks are open all the time and free to everyone.

Within the framework of the lighting project, almost 600 LED luminaires were installed to the towers and walls of the Old Town. The new warm light LED luminaries ensure a 20-time reduction in energy compared to the previous lighting solution and cast a soft and warm light on the walls to create a cosy and pleasant milieu.

The author of the lighting project is a Finnish company Lighting Design Collective Oy, which won the design competition organized by the city of Tallinn in 2017. The project was financed by the real estate company Kapitel and the lighting solution was designed and built by Merko. The city of Tallinn is in charge of operation, maintenance, repair of the lighting, and electricity supply of equipment and information stands.