A health fair will take place on Freedom Square as part of the Car Free Day

This Saturday, Car-Free Day will be celebrated in the centre of Tallinn. The day is filled with various events, among which, the Estonian Health Fair ‘Move!’ will be held.

Züleyxa Izmailova, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, invites all interested people to the health fair. ‘We generally know that a proper diet, sufficient exercise, and timely discovery of health issues are the main prerequisites for a long and healthy life, but sometimes, we still slip up. Participants of the health fair include researchers and practitioners, whose knowledge and experiences help us in implementing healthy habits,’ said Izmailova.

The health fair ‘Move!’ comprises an educational stage programme, new knowledge about sports opportunities, and health products and services. You can also gather food information, check your health indicators (the mammography bus will be there), and taste and enjoy healthy food. The programme and activities of the fair are available at tervisemess.ee/ajakava.

In addition to the health fair, many other exciting events will take place as part of the Car-Free Day. You can participate in a historical hike and a bike tour, start the popular public transport orienteering competition, or interact with Snupsi, the mascot of Environmentally Friendly Mobility Month, or Prügihunt, who introduces sustainable consumption.

The events of Car-Free Day will take place on Freedom Square and Kaarli Avenue between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and are free for all participants. The day is organised by Tallinn’s Environment Department, Transport Department, Sports and Youth Department, and Social Welfare and Health Care Department. More information about the events of Car-Free Day is available here: tallinn.ee/Autovaba-paev-2018