A newsletter for English-speaking Tallinners was launched

The city news are now also available to the English-speaking population all over the city, because in cooperation with the Tallinn City Centre Government and the city's communication service, a monthly newsletter started to appear from April, which reflects the most important news for expats living in Tallinn.

On April 12, the first newsletter "Tallinn in Brief" was published, which is already subscribed to by almost 150 local English speakers. Until now, an English-language newsletter was published under the auspices of the City Centre Government, aimed at the residents of City Centre as the district with the largest English-speaking community, now the range of topics and target group is expanded across Tallinn.

The first “Tallinn in Brief” contains an overview of the new bicycle parking places built in the city centre and explains why a ticket machine was placed in front of Pirita Monastery. In addition, the citizens who have subscribed to the newsletter can find out which honorable title Tallinn recently received according to Eden Strategy Institute, and in which cases a home doctor's team can be invited to an ill child in April and May. The newsletter also contains important information for sports enthusiasts on the Rocca al Mare promenade and a small reminder from the municipal police for everyone in the public space.

You can subscribe to the Tallinn's English-language newsletter "Tallinn in Brief" here.