A water leak in the corner of Mere and Ahtri streets is holding tram traffic

Caused by a major water leakage on the corner of Mere puiestee and Ahtri street, the traffic of tram line No. 1 is currently stopped and the tram line No. 2 is temporarily running on a free schedule on the route Vana-Lõuna – Suur Paala. A replacement bus line is running between Kopli and Hobujaama tram stops.

The route of bus line No. 73 along Sepa street to the Kopli tram stop has also been extended. Buses run on a free schedule. 

Repair work due to the accident is estimated to take several days. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Route of the replacement bus line between Kopli and Hobujaama stops:

  • Towards Kopli: Hobujaama st, Narva mnt, Mere pst, Põhja pst, Kopli st, Telliskivi st, Ristiku st, Kopli st
  • Towards Hobujaama: Kopli st, Kotzebue st, Vana-Kalamaja st, Niine st, Põhja pst, Suurtüki st, Rannamä tee, Suur Rannavärav, Põhja pst, Mere pst, Narva mnt

Stops on the replacement bus line between Kopli and Hobujaama stops:

  • Towars Kopli: Hobujaama, Mere puiestee, Linnahall, temporary Põhja puiestee, temporary Balti station, temporary Telliskivi, Pelgulinn, Härjapea, Maisi, Rukki, temporary Angerja, temporary Sitsi, Maleva, Sirbi, Marati, Sepa, Kopli.
    Missed stops: Kanuti, Salme, Volta and Krulli.
  • Towars Hobujaama: Kopli, Sepa, Marati, Sirbi, Maleva, temporary Sitsi, temporary Eel, temporary Krulli, temporary Volta, temporary Salme, temporary Telliskivi, temporary stop on Vana-Kalamaja street, Põhja puiestee, Linnahall, temporary Kanuti, Mere puiestee, Horse station.
    Missed stop: Balti jaam.

The scheme of the replacement bus line route: