ADAPTER – connecting research and business

ADAPTER is a network of Estonian universities, research and development organizations, providing a quick and reliable link for companies and organizations to the research and development community. ADAPTER is a one-stop-shop that enables to present an inquiry to Estonian research and development institutions.

ADAPTER offers an opportunity to:

  • submit inquiries to all participating universities, research and development organizations at once or find yourself a suitable cooperation partner amongst participating organizations;
  • find services, either consulting, measuring, analysis or other services, amongst all opportunities offered by participating organizations;
  • familiarize yourself with support measures for innovation and development activities for companies.

Submit your inquiry www.adapter.ee and it reaches more than 3000 scientists. In case of a multiple scientists or working groups willing to offer a solution all the data will be transmitted to the entrepreneur. It’s up to the entrepreneur to decide with whom and on which conditions cooperation will take place. In case the scientist determines the need of expertise placed in different institution or country, then this information also will be passed on to entrepreneur.

The answer will be provided during a 5 working days.

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There are very different inquiries arrived in ADAPTER – develop a new product or to give an extra value to an existing product, to find out different IT-solutions etc. Send us your inquiry and start cooperation with Estonian universities and research and development institutions!     

Source: www.adapter.ee