Accurate residency information ensures the benefits intended to the residents of Tallinn

According to an amendment of the Population Register Act, the information of the people whose residency has been filed in the Population Register with the accuracy of the city district at the reasoned request of the owner will be deleted from the register on 2 January 2019. Therefore, it is high time to correct your residency information in the population register in order to maintain the status of a resident of Tallinn and the accompanying benefits.

“The correction of residency information campaign that began three weeks ago has had quite good results,” said city secretary Toomas Sepp. “The purpose of the extensive awareness campaign is to have people check the accuracy of their residency information and find ways to specify the information. While 669 people specified their residency information in October, then 1652 people did so in November. Therefore, the intensity has nearly tripled in comparison with the earlier period. Thank you to everyone who have already specified their residency information.”

The City of Tallinn shall continue with the awareness campaign as nearly 16,000 residents of Tallinn are still under the risk of losing their public services due to missing residency information – these include free public transportation, parking discount, a place at a kindergarten or school or social benefits. “Our goal is to reach all people who may be affected by the amendment to the law and to explain the consequences of the amendment taking effect in 2019 and how to correct one’s residency information,” said Sepp.

It is easy to register your place of residence in a few minutes at the website eesti.ee or with the help of the population register employee at the city district office. Additional information: https://www.tallinn.ee/Teenus-Changing-the-residence-address-in-the-Population-Register