Kindergarten fee waived for all children in Tallinn until the end of April

Tallinn City Government decided to exempt all children from the municipal kindergarten place fee from March 16th until the end of April.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart noted that exempted are both hildren who go to kindergarten during the emergency situation and those who stay home. In both cases, the parents of the child do not have to pay the kindergarten fee.

In Tallinn, the municipal kindergarten fee per one child is €71.25 and in kindergartens equipped with a swimming pool, €78.26.

The city continues to provide service in kindergarten during the emergency situation. All of the city’s municipal kindergartens are operational and follow strict guidelines in order to protect the health of children.

“It is important that we can assure parents working in vital fields that their children are looked after, 24/7 if necessary,” noted the Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev. “There may be some organisational changes in the work of kindergartens but at this moment, all of the kindergartens are ready to welcome children. But we monitor the situation constantly and are ready to act should there be a need to close a group or a kindergarten, but we will not close all of the kindergartens at once.”

In order to prevent the transmission of infection, kindergartens must take into account the restrictions set out in the Ministry of Education and Research's guidelines for the provision of kindergarten and childcare facilities. Among other things, the transfer of children to kindergarten must be arranged outside the building and persons with any signs of illness are not allowed in the building.