All foreign work or study trips cancelled for the next 2 months in the city’s institutions, including schools

Last night, the Tallinn Crisis Committee decided to suspend all work or study trips and excursions of city employees in all of our institutions, including schools for two months as a measure to support COVID-19 containment. Staff or students returning from the identified risk area must remain at home for 14 days.

„All of the patients with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Estonia have been in the affected risk areas before being diagnosed. Therefore, we have decided, as a precautionary measure, to cancel all work visits, school trips and excursions to foreign countries for the upcoming months. In the case of our employees returning from holidays in the risk area, we will organize the work so that they can work from home for 14 days to avoid contact with colleagues and citizens in the work environment, „said the Head of the Tallinn Crisis Committee, Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart.

The Crisis Committee also discussed preparedness of the schools to transfer to e-learning solutions to prevent the spread of the virus. The Health Board recommends that schools should be closed to prevent the infection from spreading once the virus is in local transmission.

The Mayor noted that there is no reason to shut down all of the schools in Tallinn at first, but should there be additional cases of confirmed COVID-19 in the educational institutions, the city will take necessary steps in the affected schools depending on their specific situation. „The Education Department is making preparations for implementing e-learning in our schools. Any possible cases in the kindergartens will be managed on a group basis,” added Kõlvart.

In addition, the impact of the international events was also discussed, and the city's Crisis Committee recommends to avoid inviting guests from the affected risk areas to international conferences, competitions, etc.

The employees and servants of the city continue their daily work and service to the citizens at a usual pace. “We have taken various measures for protecting our employees. Necessary preparations have been made – we have protective masks for this purpose, additional masks have been ordered, and the work spaces regularly disinfected, „said Kõlvart.

To prevent the spread of viral infections, the Health Board recommends covering your mouth with a sleeve or paper towel when sneezing and coughing in addition to washing your hands. It is advised to keep a distance of at least one meter with people with signs of illness. Touching eyes, nose and mouth should be avoided. With respiratory symptoms, one should stay at home and treating the symptoms: take antipyretic and cough and cold medications, if needed. When in doubt, please contact your GP over the phone for instructions.

See the instructions from the national Health Board here: https://www.terviseamet.ee/en/covid19