An exhibition on community gardening is open in Tallinn Solaris Centre

Until September 30, the exhibition „Mixed plants in community plots / Kogukondlik Tootsi peenar" is open in Solaris Centre, aiming to introduce the increasingly popular community horticulture and its positive impact on both people and urban nature. You can also take part in a microgreens workshop and a guided tour with the curator.

The exhibition is displayed on different floors of the Solaris Centre in the form of multiple gardening plots with a variation of plants. Several herbs, vegetables, berries and decorative plants are represented in the flowerbeds. The exhibition offers joy of discovery and a delight to the eyes for both experienced gardeners and those newly interested in the subject. The attentive viewer can find, for example, tomato, chokeberry, strawberry, parsley plants, as well as catnip, coneflower and various mint varieties.

According to Deputy Mayor Eha Võrk, the developments in urban gardening in recent years are very gratifying. “For example, there are already more than 20 community gardens in Tallinn with more than 500 busy gardeners. One of the goals of the exhibition is to encourage city dwellers to visit the community gardens of their hometown and join their activities - to participate in workshops, seminars or to become a gardener themselves," said Võrk. "The choice is plentiful because community gardens can already be found in every district. There are more modest urban gardens with a few dozen plots, decorating the green area along the street (eg Kadriorg Garden, African Garden, Pääsküla Garden), but there are community gardens with more than a hundred urban gardeners that have given new meaning to a former kindergarten courtyard or an industrial area (eg Laagna Garden, Mustamäe Garden, Põhjala Garden)."

"Solaris Centre is very pleased that urban and community gardens are becoming increasingly popular. This concept is not unfamiliar to us either, because Café Komeet has been growing herbs on the roof of Solaris for years,” explains Kristin Lepikson, Marketing Manager of Solaris.

"It is precisely such creative and species-rich gardening plots that are in community gardens all over Tallinn, where, on the initiative of active citizens, a green lifestyle and a sense of community is jointly developed," Võrk added.

Those interested in the exhibition are also expected to attend two events. On Sunday, August 22, from 12 noon to 2 pm, a microgreens workshop (with pre-registration) will take place in the atrium of the Solaris 0 floor, where you will be introduced to how to grow healthy fresh superfood at home. On Monday, September 27, from 6 pm to 8 pm, a guided tour takes places with the curator of the exhibition, Elisabeth Niitar, an American community gardener.

The exhibition is organized by the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department in cooperation with the Solaris Centre. Additional information about the exhibition and pre-registration can be found on the Tallinn website: www.tallinn.ee/est/keskkond/Kogukondlik-Tootsi-peenar-naitus

More information:

Maria Derlõš
urban horticulture project manager
Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department

Tallinn is one of the four finalists of the 2023 European Green Capital Competition. The city has set the goal of carrying out a green transition in all areas to create a green city with a better environment and urban space.