Changes in waste management during the emergency situation

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in Estonia, the field of waste management has also been influenced. Changes have been made and recommendations given regarding both conventional waste shipments, work of civic amenity sites (CAS) and waste management in general.

It is important to make sure that the waste of COVID-19 infected (or of those suspected to have been infected) is properly collected and securely sealed in a plastic bag. In this case, do not sort waste, all collected waste should be disposed as municipal solid waste. No waste sorting is allowed in this case due to the fact that sorted waste is diverted to further sorting, where some operations are performed manually and may therefore pose a risk to waste operators.

Waste transport companies have asked clients to keep a distance of at least 2 meters when approaching their employees transporting waste in order to keep them safe. Signing of transport documents has been temporarily substituted with digital signatures only.

However, residents who have not been exposed to the virus and who are staying home only as a precautionary measure, are asked to continue to sort their waste and to recycle materials such as paper and cardboard if possible.

The civic amenity sites of Tallinn are open and operating as usual. Opening hours of can be found HERE.

Do not visit civic amenity sites when sick or if you suspect being infected. It would be best to postpone the visit until the emergency situation has ended. In emergency situation, card payments are preferred when paying on the spot.

Mixed municipal waste, which may contain waste from infected people, must not be handled before incineration or landfill. Processing should only be automatic, people should not be exposed to waste. If manually operating is necessary, it is recommended to wait at least 72 hours with handling the garbage to ensure that the risk of infection is no longer present.

Customer service at the Tallinn Civic Amenity Sites office at Paljassaare 5 has temporarily been halted and staff are working from the home office. If you need on-site service, please notify in advance by phone or email. Notifications of disturbances in the waste management can be given by e-mail (info@prugi.ee) or by phone call (6164000).

Tallinn will make every effort to avoid interruption in waste transport. Transport companies have also reorganized their work due to the unusual circumstances. We are in close constant contact with our partners in waste transport, exchanging information and adjusting daily transport schedules as necessary. Should the situation change, necessary adjustments will be made.