City government held a traditional year-end session at the Town Hall

Tallinn City Government held a traditional end-of-the-year meeting at the Town Hall, where the most important topics of the year were summarized. Despite the corona epidemic, the city has worked smartly for the future of the capital. During 2020, the development strategy "Tallinn 2035" was completed, a definite course for becoming a green capital was taken, preparations for implementing the major project of Tallinn Hospital were continued and the new production building of the City Theater was completed.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart admitted that Tallinn did well despite all the difficulties - both during the emergency situation and now. "All of our major projects that we had planned were realized, and at the same time, in addition to our daily urgent activities and decisions, we have also created a vision for the future. This is how the development strategy document Tallinn 2035 was completed, with which we create goals for a longer period. Regardless of the situation, the stable development of the city and the planning of a vision for the future must also continue. Our goal is to make the city a pleasant and safe place to live for the local residents now and in the future," said Kõlvart. "At the same time, we have not given up on major projects. The city has an alternative plan for the reconstruction of the City Hall, and if the European Commission's answer is whether the city and the state can invest their resources in the reconstruction of the City Hall, then we are ready to start with it. In the case of Tallinn Hospital, we continued with the preparation of the project and it will continue next year, as well as with the preparations for the St. Petersburg road. We also hope to start the construction of the new building of the City Theater, for which we also announced the construction tender for the ninth quarter of the theater. ”

According to the mayor, successful participation and reaching the final of the European Green Capital 2022 competition has encouraged the city to continue as a leader of the Green Turn in Estonia and more widely. "Moreover, our environmental goals are supported by the city's development strategy. Although Tallinn was awarded the title of the most intelligent community in the world, our long-term goal is to be a green metropol with caring citizens by 2035, ”Kõlvart noted.

"And despite the current situation, we have also tried to make a small gift for all the citizens - if events cannot be organized indoors in the usual way, then this year, in addition to the Old Town, we offer a fairytale Christmas atmosphere in every district,"