Construction work on a unique extreme sport area began in Tondiraba Park

Last week, the construction works were initiated in Tondiraba Park for creating a unique extreme sports area – a skatepark and a pumptrack. This will add environmentally friendly leisure and sports activities for citizens of all ages. The entire park will be completed by the end of this summer.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart explained that many different environmentally friendly and active leisure opportunities will be created in Tondiraba Park. "Alongside other sports opportunities, bicycle and skateboard parks will be built in the park so that they would not damage the existing forest and the diversity of species living in the park," Kõlvart noted. "Considering the size of the park, we have considered light traffic road users, and in addition to the extreme sports area, there is also a comfortable bicycle path and a separate terrain track. Thus, extreme sports enthusiasts can practice in Tondiraba Park already this year, before going to the more difficult trails of Kiviõli Adventure Park.”

Pumptrack is a fascinating attraction where you can ride a wavy asphalt road with a scooter, bicycle or stunt bike, a skateboard or roller skates. Pumptrack is a great opportunity for young cyclists and skaters to learn to keep their balance, develop coordination and endurance at high speeds. Thus, the pumptrack is suitable for both beginner cyclists and experienced sportsmen.

Two pumptracks will be built in Tondiraba Park, one for children and the other for advanced enthusiasts. Trick tracks consist mainly of rollers and curves. The smaller trail covers 300 m2 and the larger 2,400 m2. The large pumptrack is designed as a mirrored track, which allows you to organize competitions with two competitors. Skatepark consists of elements of different heights, arches, slopes, pipes and edges. The area of ​​the skateboard park is 1700 m2. In between the tracks, there will be platforms for gaining momentum and resting.

So far, the soil has been removed from the trick track areas and the sites are filled with sand. Utility networks and gravel sediment areas have been established. Next, the gravel base will be installed, and then the installation of the asphalt pavement will begin, and by mid-July, both tracks will be covered with asphalt. The construction of the skateboard park is similar to the trick tracks, but the work will last until the end of July, and instead of asphalt, the court will be covered with concrete.

Construction work on Tondiraba Park began in March this year and has proceeded according to plan. In the course of the works, the park will be transformed into a unique recreation area that preserves living communities, is a refuge for urban nature and a good place for spending free time for both children and adults. There will be several large playgrounds, an adventure trail, a terrain track and an extreme sports area, as well as dog walking areas. A comfortable infrastructure for cycling and an ice rink will be built, where other sports can be practiced in summer. 25,661 m2 of sidewalks and 10,243 m2 of roads covered with crushed stone and granite sieves will be built. A total of approximately 40,000 m2 of various meadow and lawn areas will be established to preserve biodiversity. Roads raised above the pond will be built in the southern part of the park. The new bog trails will also help to open a part of the park that was previously unreachable. Landscaping works will be carried out, utility networks will be renewed, traffic management and safety equipment and street lighting will be installed.

The construction works of the park are commissioned by the Tallinn Environmental and Public Utilities Department, the project was compiled by Roadplan OÜ and the construction works are performed by Tallinna Teede AS. The contractual cost of the construction of the entire park is approximately 6.7 million euros. The term for the completion of the park is August this year.