Contest "Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards 2016" invites to participate

The city of Tallinn has made a tradition of awarding the best local entrepreneurs and enterprise developers in the fall on Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day. This year, the contest is held for the 13th time.

In the contest every year recognition is given in different categories, for the best real estate development project that favors either tourism or entrepreneurship, a business to business cooperation project, a new entrepreneur, an act for tourism, job creator, responsible company and to a company that brings a sustainable eco-innovation to the market.
In addition to the seven main categories, traditional special awards to the best research papers of the year in applied sciences are given out in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Foundation of Universities of Applied Sciences.

The contest is open for entries until the 12th of September. Entries can be made at http://ettevotluspaev.tallinn.ee/auhinnad.

Three nominees are selected in every category and among them will be the winner of the category. The winners will be announced at the reception gala of Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day on the 5th of October 2016.

A board member of last year's winner in the category of "Eco-innovation 2016", Flydog Solutions OÜ, Andri Laidre, is encouraging other organisations to also participate in the competition. "Taking part in the Entrepreneurship Awards contest is a good opportunity to introduce your business and its activities to a wider audience," said Laidre.

Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day takes place on the 4th and 5th of October this year. The goal of the day is to value and recognize the entrepreneurship, encourage the good and audacious ideas to be put into practice and, in addition to spreading knowledge, to give a chance to broaden the contact networks. Tallinn City Enterprise Department is hosting the entrepreneurship day for the 13th time, this year the main theme is "Business as an experience". Taking part in the day is free.

More information: http://ettevotluspaev.tallinn.ee