Estonian Design Festival June 17-19 2022

This year’s European Design Festival will be hosted in Tallinn on June 17-19 2022. Creative people from all over Europe are expected to take part in the Festival Programme, which will also be open to the wider public. The Programme includes Design Conference “Beyond Design”, Workshops, Exhibitions, Design Walks, Design Talks, Studio Crawls and of course the European Design Awards Ceremony!

The Festival Programme 2022 is being curated by the Estonian Design Centre and will take place on June 17-19 2022. The European Design Festival Tallinn 2022 and The Design Conference deals with the theme “Beyond Design” and explores issues such as: Design Beyond GovernanceDesign Beyond Resistance and Design Beyond Tranquillity. It will look into the impact and future of design and through design as an engine for the welfare of the society, position and responsibilities of the designer while offering both inspiration, practical activities and networking opportunities to design professionals, entrepreneurs and policymakers from different areas.

Read more: https://disainikeskus.ee/european-design-awards-2022-eng 


The Design Conference is also supported by the Tallinn Enterprise Centre